Flower Essences are the quiet language spoken by the buds and blossoms, the messengers of subtlety that have the power to transform your mind, clarify your heart, amplify your work, shift your beliefs, deepen your relationships, and elevate your consciousness - without raising their voice.

Custom Flower Essence Formulation

After an initial consultation, Eden will customize a formula for you and provide additional practices to enhance and integrate the subtle workings of the essences.

60-90 minute consultation & initial formula: $85*

Sessions are available by phone or in person in Sonoma County, California.

Email eden@overmoonundersun.com to make an appointment.

* = Credit card and cash accepted. Sliding scale and trades are available as needed.

Photo by Eden Trenor

What are Flower Essences?

Similar to homeopathic remedies, flower essences are vibrational medicine that work on the energetic level to assist us in addressing anything from acute physical injury to past trauma to reawakening dormant parts of ourselves (creativity, dreaming, sexuality, etc). 

These formulas are made with flower blossoms and fresh water.

Indigenous cultures have been using flowers as medicine for thousands of years. The modern popularization of "flower essences" began with Dr. Edward Bach in England in the early 20th century and scientific research has been conducted on their therapeutic effects since then. 

Flower essences are being used worldwide from Haiti to Cambodia to Hong Kong to here in the States with incredible, well documented success. See my blog, Rediscovering Flower Power, for more information.

Photo by Eden Trenor

Eden created powerful flower essences for me, which stimulated beneficial energy shifts and contributed greatly to my sense of wellbeing. I felt truly cared for and supported in a deep way.

-Matthias Geiger, Hakomi Practitioner, matthiasgeiger.com