Photo by David Moll,

Eden Trenor, Village Builder & Facilitator of goodness

Born and raised in Seattle, I have committed my life to studying and teaching (cross-pollinating) regenerative cultural practices, supporting the movement of human culture toward a world community of creativity, resilience, and conscious interdependence, naturally inspiring aloving relationship with All of Life. To me, this is the greatest activism we can undertake. Change at this scale is nothing short of transformation, and in order to accomplish such a task, we must actively engage with the Unknown, the Unseen, the Unfamiliar, and the Uncomfortable.

In order to be equipped to do my part in navigating these uncharted territories, I have trained in multiple lineages (including Lakota, Cherokee, pagan, and Jewish ceremonial traditions) that provide structure to walk in the Mystery, discovering along the way that the Mystery is actually our native habitat.

Because of my commitment to working in tandem with the forces that often go overlooked in dominant US American culture, I have also undertaken many years of training in specific tools (including Reiki, acupressure, yoga, flower essences, western herbalism and permaculture) in order to bring the unseen into the seen, and reconnect individuals and communities to our intrinsic capacity to heal.

With a BA from Oberlin College in Religion and Environmental Studies and a background in radical political organizing, I havelived and worked in over a dozen countries. facilitating circles for children, teens, and adults from a nonprofits and prisons, to governments and schools. A dedicated feminine village builder, I directed the California Global Peace Youth Summit and am a member of Shakti Rising's Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training program national teaching team, supporting women of all backgrounds to access their depths, individually and collectively, and act strongly from that knowing.

Certifications & Training

Flower Essence Society Certified Practitioner (certification in progress, 2017); Gendai Reiki-Ho Level III;Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training Facilitator, 2014; Teen Talking Circle Facilitator, 2013; Dancing Freedom Facilitator, 2012; Wilderness First Responder, 2015; Permaculture Design, 2010; King County Mediator, 2008; 8 Shields Nature Connection; Improvisational Movement with Carolyn North.